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Who we are

Who we are

Fundozer is an independent video ad platform that develops end-to-end strategies for video marketing. Personalized ads with targeted impressions across CTV and OTT channels will bring prosperity and recognition to your campaigns.

Fundozer stands out with top-notch video monetization algorithms, implements prime technologies, and applies all the practical and intellectual background to augment profits and gain business goals for our clients. Each project is a one-of-a-kind brainchild. And in executing our tasks, we rely on well-adjusted process optimization to bring high-performance ad campaigns.

So, shall we launch?

Collaboration with us brings you:

Measurable outcome (objectives)

Measurable outcome

Set up video ads to get the significant afflux of relevant customers at a proper time and place.

Marketing prowess

Marketing prowess

Get a bunch of customers’ behavioral metrics to understand their favors and priorities. Respected publishers and catching ad content for long-term cooperation.

Cover targeted audience

Cover targeted

Effective resonant ads instead of unprofitable random offers that will scale your campaigns. Insights and analytics.

Solution for content owners

A pack of monetization tools

Employ the most effective method to get the most out of your content streaming.

Broad selection of ad types

Adjust the most impactful options to augment customer impression rate.

Active cooperation with leading brands

Complement your video content with well-designed ads from famous companies.

Gainful Fill Rates and eCPMs

Grow your incomes with favorable prices.

Campaign development

Comprehensive research of the market and consumers to hit targets and maximize engagement.

Bunch of creatives

Ads concept & content development to roll out catching promo materials that magnetize audience.

Techs & Tools

Rely on prime automated tools to manage ads for brand protection.

Conceivable Integration Types:

  • Vast
  • oRTB
  • Ads.txt

Consider and inform us which type of video ads will fit your project the most.

Video Ads Format:

  • Non-Skippable
  • Pre-Roll
  • Mid-Roll
  • Post-Roll

Applications of Fundozer

We design an ultimate solution for your video content and promo materials to create a great duo for handy browsing and a high engagement rate. Check out the apps list below, follow, and monitor updates not to miss the fresh channels!

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