20 Amazing & Beautiful Places to Visit Before You Die

Humans are probably the greatest creation of God. And since their creation, they have been living close to the nature. In the modern age the humans have mostly moved away from nature, but the love for nature still remains. So their quest for discovering nature continues, so in this quest they have discovered many wonderful places throughout the world. There are many amazing and beautiful places that are certainly worth visiting, some are miracles of God and some are man-made. Without any doubt every human being desires to see these places, but it is not possible for anyone to see all of these places in their lifetime, so we have handpicked 20 places which everyone must go and visit once in their lifetime. The list is arranged in the alphabetical order.

1. Antarctica

Antarctica the seventh and the southernmost continent of the world. Antarctica has zero population and is covered in snow. It is the site of the South Pole and the remotest place on Earth. The peninsula’s isolated terrain is rich in wildlife, including many penguins.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Another amazing place that is frequently visited by many people every year, is the city of Barcelona. It is a brilliant mixture of modern as well as ancient Roman civilizations. It is a worth seeing place for everyone.

3. Glass Beach, USA

Another very charming and captivating place is the Glass Beach situated in Fort Bragg, California. USA. A large number of glass pieces can be found lying on the beach, these glasses were swept on to the sure from the sea, and they were created by years of dumping of garbage into the sea. There is a law which prevents removing of these glasses

4. Great Wall of China

One of the seven wonders of the world, The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest sights in the world . At 21,196 KM long, it is the longest wall in the world, an awe-inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture. Its winding path over rugged country and steep mountains takes in some great scenery.

5. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Another of the amazing and worth seeing places is Ha Long Bay located in Vietnam. With its emerald colored waters and scattered cliffs peeking out of the waters make the place look stunning. Hitch a ride on the boat to go to a far off place or go hiking to enjoy the place are some of the activities which people when at Ha Long Bay.

6. Hiller Lake (Pink Lake), Australia

Another extremely beautiful and fascinating place is the Hiller Lake also known as the Pink Lake, which is situated in Western Australia. According to the scientists, its pink color is due the algae found in the lake. It is also a salt lake.

7. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

Known as the most dangerous bridge in the world, the Hussaini Hanging Bridge is only one of many precarious rope bridges in Northern Pakistan.

8. Istanbul, Turkey

Another amazing and fascinating place to visit is Istanbul. Probably the only city that is spread across two continents, yes one part of Istanbul is in Europe and the other is in Asia, separated by the Bosporus. It is an ancient city and the cultural capital of Turkey. Historically it was known as Constantinople. It is famous for its mosques and Ottoman empire architecture.

9. Karnak Temple, Egypt

Karnak Temple the largest religious building ever constructed, is a Pharaonic temple originally built on the bank of River Nile in Luxor, Egypt. It is a city of temples built over a span of 2000 years. The derelict structure can still overshadow many wonders of the world.

10. Khunjerab Pass & The KKH, Pakistan

Ever wondered which is the highest border or the highest paved road in the world, well then here is the answer you were looking for, at 15,393 ft (4,693 m) The Khunjerab Pass, the border crossing between Pakistan and China is the highest border crossing between any two countries in the world, and the road leading towards it, The Karakorum Highway (KKH, also known as The Silk Route) is the highest paved road in the world. On top of all this you can also use the highest ATM in the world, National Bank of Pakistan(NBP) installed the highest ATM in the world a few years ago at the Khunjerab Pass. KKH is on the “To Do List” of most of the people who travel the world by road. At the Khunjerab Pass temperatures can reach as low as -40°C. If you would be lucky enough you will also get to see the majestic wildlife of the region, like the exotic Snow Leopards etc.

11. Maldives

Unrivaled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches and amazing calm blue waters make Maldives an obvious choice for a true holiday of a lifetime.

12. Nishinomaru Garden, Japan

Another amazing place to visit is the Nishinomaru Garden in Osaka, Japan. It is the most popular place in the world to see the Cherry Blossoms. The garden has more then 600 Cherry trees and 95 kinds of apricot plants.

13. Pamukkale, Turkey

Another beautiful place to visit is Pamukkale located in Turkey. It is famous for its hot water springs found in white terraces of pools with blue water.

14. Petra, Jordan

Exploring a cave has always been fascinating, but what about a whole city or places inside the caves, well Petra is all about that. Petra was a settlement in caves in the Southern Jordan, it was inhabited more then 2000 years ago.

15. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a “museum of architecture under the open sky.” The largest urban historical center listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, this well-preserved area covers 900 hectares that includes some 4,000 monuments.

16. Ranikot Fort, Pakistan

Ranikot fort is believed to be the world’s biggest fort, and is also referred to as the “Great Wall Of China”. Ranikot Fort could be defined in three words; historic, mysterious and serene. It is a historic fort near Sann, Jamshoro district, Sindh, Pakistan. Its circumference is approximately 32 kilometers (20 miles). It’s ramparts are often compared to that of the Great Wall of China.

17. Rome, Italy

Another amazing place to visit is Rome the capital of Italy, and an ancient city. Also known as the center of Western civilization. The city was discovered in 753 BC. One of the worlds most iconic monuments the Colosseum, is also in Rome. Apart from the Colosseum, there are many other amazing attractions in Rome like The Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

18. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is arguably Greece’s most beautiful island, it is a mix of whitewashed villages, towering cliffs and inky waters. Perfect for a post-summer break. Actually an island of Cyclades which are a group of Greek islands, southeast of the mainland in the Aegean Sea. Ideal time to visit is from April to September. There is a natural pool which attracts the tourists from around the world.

19. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

One of the greatest attractions in Africa and Zimbabwe alike, and it is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls is located on the Zambezi River, the fourth largest river in Africa, which is also defining the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls is the only waterfall in the world with a length of more than a kilometer and a height of more than hundred meters. It is also considered to be the largest fall in the world. The noise of Victoria Falls can be heard from a distance of 40 kilometers.

20. Zermatt, Switzerland

Due to being in the close proximity of one of the Switzerland’s highest mountains, The Matterhorn, Zermatt city is famous as a skiing and mountaineering destination. The only vehicles allowed in the vicinity are battery operated cars. The city is accessible through trains whose routes are quite scenic, and short walks between sites lessen the impact of not having cars.

In the end we can see the world is full of marvels and all these marvels are worth taking a look at. But for any human being it is impossible to see all of these gems. So one must select atleast some of these and see them atleast once in their lifetime.Edit

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