Location Of All The 14 Peaks Above 8000 Meters.

Map Showing Locations Of All The 14 Peaks Above 8000 Meters.

The world is full of mountain ranges with towering high peaks. But God has put all the giant peaks which make the rest of the high peaks in the world look like dwarfs in only two mountain ranges namely The Himalayas and The Karakoram mountain ranges. These mountain ranges are spread across Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan and India. There are only 14 peaks amongst these sky high peaks which stand above 8000 meter height, which are known as the Eight Thousanders.

And Surprisingly all these 14 Eight Thousanders are found only in two countries, Pakistan and Nepal. Nepal along with the tallest of them all the Mount Everest is home to nine of these giants and the rest of the five of these peaks including the second highest peak the Godwin Austen generally known as K2 are found in Pakistan. This is the reason why Pakistan and Nepal are a heaven for the mountaineers from across the globe and also called the “Roof Of The World”.

The List of the 8000 meter plus peaks ranked according to their heights:-

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